3D Printer Supplies, repairs, & materials.

Not happy with your current 3D printer material and equipment suppliers? Need a better rate on Pre-support services, CAD or modeling? We got you covered. We work with most major manufacturers to bring some of the cheapest wholesale rates for new hardware, repair parts, support solutions, education and more. 

What we can help with:

1. Printer repair, alignment (FDM), support, and trouble-shooting.
2. Material support, supply, and fulfillment. 
3. Equipment sales, and support when things go wrong.

Need training? We do that too. Just send us an email today and let us know what your needs are. We work on all types of FDM and resin SLA, MSLA, LSLA and DLP resin printers.

Want us to reach out? Submit your email below and we will be in touch within 1 business day.

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3D Resin SLA | LSLA | MSLA and DLP Pre-Support Services

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Any STL no matter how big or small, we can handle it for you. Most jobs start at just $20. Take the stress out of supporting your models and parts, let us do it for you. Even complex parts can be reliably supported with our team of experts. If this is your first time hiring a pre-support team, give us a call, we want to help.

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Hollowing, repair and prep are all part of our process, ensuring you have a good print. In order to ensure a quality part we will also test the piece in house on a system close to the one you plan to use to make the part. We will do our best to ensure the printer environment mimics yours as best as we can.

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Practical parts, applications can be vast from small parts to complex engineering & CAD designed parts. Whether you need a prototyped part, or a small scale architectural model we got you. Not only can we scale up or down pretty much anything, we can also reliably support at a reliable rate of 97.4% success ratio. We will keep re-testing until we get it right.

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Ready to work with the best?

We are a Lychee Ambassador and as such we work with Lychee Slicer Pro as it is fast becoming the industry standard for both FDM and Resin SLA style slicing and supporting.

We deliver both Pre-supported STL and LYS scene files so that you can tinker and change settings as you need to for the best results across your farm.

If you prefer, we can also work with Tango from Voxel Dance, Photon Workshop by Anycubic, Prusa Slicer from Prusa Labs, as well as Chitu Systems Chitubox.

3D Printing by artisan print makers for professionals & artists alike.

Whether you simply need 3D resin print Pre-Support services. Perhaps your model needs hollowing, repair, or just file setup. We can perform in house print tests, material tests, prototyping and we can even advise materials for you to use to replicate our quality.

We can help you get the most out of your 3D print, and project no matter how big or small. Even if all you need is a simple printed part, let us quote you, and beat the rest. Most smaller prints start under $15.

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Want something totally new?

We can create the next unique piece for your shelf too. If you don't have it our team of 3D modelers can make it a reality. We can take a simple idea, sketch, concept drawing or just a thought and turn it into a real object. We will ensure we get it right too, no matter how many changes we need to make for you, we promise it will be exactly what you need. Email us below to get started.


Sure, people say reviews don't matter, but we are proud of what our customers say about us. This is just some examples, and yes they are real people.
It's always worth the wait. Thom has always treated me well, and delivers perfect prints every time. I won't order parts from anyone else.

Roy Davis, Figures in Clay

Flawless work (as always) and thank you for all the extra options! You'll be hearing from me again (hopefully sooner than later)!

Jason Dey Gatti

Thom came through. Thanks again folks, it was a pleasure working with you all. Delivered as promised and a few days early.

Robert Carrington

Thom and Luis drove over an hour and a half to hand deliver the item personally after it broke on the first shipment. Amazing service!

Justiniano N.

Our partners

The companies we align ourselves with to offer the best pricing for supplies and parts.

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Elegoo Printers and Materials
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Phrozen Resins and Printers
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eSun Resins
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Uniformation Printers
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FunCreCol Resins
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Anycubic Prints, Filament and Resins
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Creality Printers, resins and materials
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Ender FDM printers
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Prusa Labs FDM Printers
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Resione Resins
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Bambu Labs FDM Printers
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How to reach us.

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custom@printmymini.com for custom inquiries
thom.hurley@3dprintcraft.net for quotes and info

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